Safe food & quality

All our products meet the statutory requirements of international accreditation bodies and local legislative authorities. Using Morocco’s natural richness and resources, Agrin has established an agricultural ecosystem which thrives on a legacy of purity, quality and sustainability. Our unique & optimal product range is unmatched in quality and service. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we produce healthy, high-performing seeds which offer excellent yield, increased shelf life, better flavour, and resistance to the vagaries of the weather.


Maintaining Product Safety

To prevent food fraud and the unauthorized use of additives, all our products are sampled, analyzed and processed in heavily controlled environments.

Through physical, chemical and microbiological controls, consistent monitoring of authenticity & composition, as well as critical final product assessments, Agrin is able to maintain consistent product quality and reliable, food-safe production.


Our products are treated using custom-engineered, advanced systems to remove impurities, pathogens and microbes.

Through two dedicated and validated steam sterilization lines, developed by our subsidiary A Steri Food, we are able to ensure 100% microbiological control.


Through complete traceability and transparency, Agrin maintains its reputation for exceptional quality and delivers speciality food ingredients.

From wild collection, own farming cultivation, processing, to packaging and storage, every step of the supply chain is traced for total control.

Using fully automated cleaning & processing lines in separate fully-fledged facilities, we are able to prevent cross-contamination, and provide customers with products that suit their dietary and religious requirements, such as gluten-free, vegan or kosher/halal ingredients.