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Modern Processing & Storage Facilities

With two state-of-the-art production facilities and integrated warehousing, we are expanding our manufacturing capacity and enhancing product quality through total control. Equipped with up-to-date technologies, our two factories cover 45,000m2.

We process over 50,000kg per day, using seven dedicated processing lines for sifting after cutting, grinding, blending, cleaning, steam sterilization & automatic packing, to prevent cross-contamination and ensure product integrity & safety. We also have storage facilities at three different regions in Morocco, which cover about 35,000m2.

Product Customization

In keeping with current market trends and food requirements, we work closely with vendors and customers to develop unique products on demand.

From specification to treatment and blending, Agrin offers to its customers the opportunity to develop a fully customized ingredients and products that suits their business requirements.

Through experimentations with traditionally popular flavours, we can produce herb/spice blends that are new & intriguing to the modern taste instead of customer.

Investing in Research & Development

At Agrin, our team of food scientists and agronomy researchers are constantly at work to develop new and innovative methods of product creation and processing.

Our products are carefully selected, based on studies and flavour testing. We invest heavily in research, and are keen to adopt new industry technologies and processes. We also dedicate R&D efforts towards ensuring the integrity and safety of the food we produce; such as developing new sterilization methods or quality assessment processes.

Based on customer insights, our team is constantly improving our product, through creative ideas, technical know-how, and a growing understanding of enhanced appeal and flavour profiles. We also conduct training programmes for our employees to inspire them and build on their capabilities.