Agrin Maroc is the industrial processing company for the herbs and spices cultivated & collected by our subsidiaries. The company maintains stringent quality control and safety measures to process products of the highest quality at its world-class facilities.

Agrin Organic Farming develops organic products for the company’s clientele. Through this subsidiary, Agrin has invested heavily in direct farming from 2018; which now accounts for more than 300 hectares of domesticated wild spices distributed by Agrin Maroc.

Sterifood is the subsidiary responsable for sterilization processes to make them safe and suitable for human consumption. Sterifood has developed two dedicated and validated steam sterilization lines which are capable of ensuring 100% microbiological reduction & control.

As one of the primary subsidiaries of the company, Agrin Spices is specialized in collecting wild herbs and spices, through close partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The collected herbs and spices are then processed at Agrin Maroc’s factories, while ensuring field-to-fork traceability and complete control of the supply chain. For more than three decades, Agrin Spices has maintained Morocco’s leading position in the global, customized herbs and spices market.

Healthy seeds & herbs. Agrin Maroc has been leading subsidiary of Agrin, which produces high-quality, safe, and healthy seeds. Agrin Farming has been the largest developer, producer and distributor of diverse varieties of GMO-free seeds in Morocco for over 30 years.

IMACH INDUSTRIES is the Holding Group managing all activities.