seeds & vertical integration

Delivering the best quality seeds

For over three decades, Agrin has been the largest developer, producer and distributor of diverse varieties of GMO-free seeds in Morocco.

Securing leadership through innovation

In partnership with the INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research) and major international breeding companies, we have invested in continued research and development.

Creation of New Plant Varieties

With the know-how of our seed breeders & agronomy experts, and detailed genetics research, we are developing new plant varieties that are resilient under different environments, and capable of high yields of nutritious, flavourful and healthy produce.

Vertical integration

Thanks to our distribution network of 4 subsidiaries & more than 850 retailers cross Morocco, Agrin has devlopped a range of prroducts to enhance its customers success through :

  • Peat & Growings medias: Peat substartes with customized recepies, Vermiculite, Coco, etc…
  • Agricultural machinery: Sprayers (Cifarelli Brand)
  • Speciality Organic Fertilizers
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