About Us

Our history

For over three decades, Agrin has been the largest producer and processor of diverse varieties of herbs, spices, and seeds in Morocco. A leader in the local and global market, the company has continued to grow and expand, to provide customers with high-quality, safe, healthy and organic products. As a family business and an industry pioneer, Agrin’s legacy stems from unique, innovative products that set new benchmarks for excellence.

With the support of Morocco’s fertile agricultural grounds and favourable farming policies, our dedication to investing in research and development, and commitment to providing our customers with products of exceptional quality, Agrin has become a partner of choice for customers and partners around the world.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a future-ready agricultural ecosystem in Morocco and consolidate our position as an industry leader; by utilizing the full potential of our lands, our rich knowledge & family legacy, and dedication to customer centricity, innovation, and sustainability.


• Integrity

• Excellence

• Dedication

• Legacy

• Sustainability